Our Empowerment Institute brings Personal Empowerment training to corporate settings, schools, universities and other non-profit organizations to help them create an empowered culture, have more productive employees, and provide their clients or students with the skills they need to make transformative changes. The Empowerment Institute has a proven track record of successfully assisting organizations in changing from the inside out to become more effective at meeting their goals and missions.

"Twin Cities R!SE (Empowerment training) has been a huge success…Employees who have gone through the training are demanding follow-on courses and we are planning on making the training one of our core training courses company-wide.” –Hnath Corporation

Our curriculum works with a wide range of organizations that cross traditional sector boundaries, such as human services, public education, corrections, community organizers, higher educational intuitions and others. Personal Empowerment is a curriculum that can be customized to a wide-variety of organizational contexts, client bases, and age groups.

Empowerment Institute clients include:

Ally People Solutions
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Minneapolis Public Schools
Northside Achievement Zone
University of Dubuque

The Empowerment Institute will work with you to develop a custom empowerment solution to meet your organization’s goals.  For more information, please contact Jacquelyn Carpenter, Director of Business Development, at jcarpenter@twincitiesrise.org, or 612-666-8026.