Best Wishes Joyce!

As I retire from Twin Cities R!SE today, I am reflecting on my wonderful journey here.  There is an environment at Twin Cities R!SE that creates successful people. I have worked in the social services field for over twenty years, working with the homeless, chemically dependent, formerly incarcerated and mentally challenged.   In my work with each of these populations I was able to contribute to helping individuals gain skills in overcoming whatever obstacles that are keeping them from acquiring meaningful employment. It has been rewarding to watch their growth as they move on to employment and successful careers.  I have been able to not only better my life and work hard here, but help a lot people that may have made bad choices start their lives over again.

Prior to my employment at TCR I worked with several non-profit agencies where most of the staff were caring and dedicated individuals. But since joining the TCR staff three years ago I can say all of the staff here are sincere about the work they do and serve as positive role models for the population we serve. We work as a team and a family.  I have experienced great leadership from management and an ongoing display of encouragement and appreciation for those they supervise.    

 It has been a joy working under Coaching Supervisor, Dwaine Simms. His care for all of the coaches and his incredible availability always made me feel supported.   He understands and is sensitive to what he calls the “hard work” we do each day. His wisdom and guidance made the caseload a lot lighter. 

My hope is to stay connected to this great organization and their mission. I plan to utilize the experience and knowledge I have gained in my time here at TCR  as I move into full-time ministry and continue my life’s work in serving others.