How much do your services cost?

All of our services are free of charge. We are funded through a number of sources, including individual donations, foundations, corporations, and public funds, so that we can provide high quality training and support without any cost to you. Others not enrolled as participants in the program can take our classes for a fee. We charge $150/class for a ten week course. Coaching is available for $300 /ten weeks 30 minutes/week.

When are classes?

We currently offer alternating morning and afternoon 8-week sessions with start-dates each month providing participants the flexibility required to meet individual schedules. 2018 starting dates for these sessions are as follows: January 16 (Morning Session); February 13 (Afternoon Session); March 13 (Morning Session); April 10 (Afternoon Session); May 8 (Morning Session); June 5 (Afternoon Session); July 17 (Morning Session) and August 14 (Afternoon Session.

Who do you serve? [what if I’m not a black male?]

  • Adults who are looking for employment
  • Open to all genders and backgrounds
  • For a more detailed list of requirements, check out our eligibility requirements 

How much do individuals make once they’ve finished the program?

Income varies per participant. Our goal is for all participants to graduate from the program with a full-time benefit earning position earning at least $25,000 per year.

Do you offer childcare services?

While we do not off on-site childcare, we are able to help with resources in order to pay for a portion of your childcare expenses.

Can you help with transportation?

Yes. We help you with transportation costs via bus tokens or Metro Transit GoTo cards.

What if I have a job during the day?

Coaching services may be arranged in the evening depending upon your work schedule and availability. Services include: coaching to figure out an employment plan; resume and cover letter writing, job searching, marketing support, pre and post job placement coaching for two years.