Minnesota Employer’s Fair Chance Hiring Guide

In partnership with Root + Rebound, a reentry organization in California, Twin Cities R!SE has created an important resource to support inclusive hiring within the State of Minnesota.  

"Minnesota is facing a historic labor shortage. Yet, many Minnesota residents and potential workers remain unemployed or under-employed due to a past criminal conviction, despite having served their time and wanting to be a productive, contributing member of our community. The Minnesota Employers’ Fair Chance’ Guide provides a clear path for Minnesota corporations and businesses to hire those with criminal convictions in their past. It is a practical ‘how-to’ guide that dispels the many myths surrounding hiring those with criminal history in their backgrounds," states Tom Streitz, President and CEO of Twin Cities R!SE. 

Minnesota Department of Human Rights Commissioner, Kevin Lindsey, hosted a panel discussion at the launch event for the Guide in April. This event presented the Fair Chance Hiring Guide to 200 employers, HR professionals, and community workforce organizations. Minnesota is the third state in the country to have this wonderful resource available, and it has become the much needed second step to the Ban the Box legislation.

By learning how to fairly evaluate applicants, employers can increase their supply of talented employees, meet their legal obligations, and improve their communities. The time is now, for both moral and economic reasons, for Minnesota employers to engage in an intentional and proactive strategy to move marginalized workers into the mainstream of their hiring practices. Our hope is that this ‘how-to’ guide will become an active road map for employers to start hiring talented individuals into their workforce.


Employers now have ideas to do their work differently, yet fairly, to create a win amidst high-demand staffing needs. At the kickoff event, we had employer panelists from companies such as Ajax Metal, McGough Industries, and UPS, who have already pioneered innovative hiring practices.

By showcasing their methods to be fair and inclusive, their positive outcomes were highlighted, and they provided ideas that every employer can consider to change the hiring dynamics for their organization.    

Talented pools of people are seeking a better future, but continue to be held back based on past mistakes. With this hiring guide, we are now able to help employers change their perception, their process, and their hiring results.

Twin Cities R!SE sees this as a catalyst initiative to create change for those we serve, for the employers with whom we partner, and for the communities in which we live and work.  

Visit www.twincitiesrise.org for more information or to download a free copy of the Minnesota Employers’ Fair Chance Hiring Guide.