To transform lives through meaningful employment.

A community of empowered individuals, especially men of color, who achieve long term job success to support their families.


The pathway out of poverty includes a job, yet for many people, multiple barriers can stand in the way of employment.

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At TCR, we assist individuals in poverty on the path to long-term and stable employment. Our work skills training prepares participants with the skills they’ll need on the job. And through internship opportunities, job search assistance, and employment placement services, we work with participants to find meaningful employment.

Our coaches provide one-on-one support, partnering with participants for two years after they’ve landed their new jobs. We focus on long term results – with 79% of our graduates staying at their jobs after two years, based on our ten-year retention rate.

Our curriculum goes beyond teaching – through our signature Personal Empowerment program, we provide transformative change, fostering self-confidence and self-reliance.



Twin Cities R!SE began in 1993 – our founder, Steve Rothschild, former executive Vice President at General Mills, was motivated to find a solution to the poverty experienced by many people of color in the Twin Cities. Using a market-driven approach, he sought to assist individuals in finding stable and well-paying employment. 

Over two decades later, Twin Cities R!SE has expanded into 2 locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and established the Empowerment Institute, which shares our signature Personal Empowerment curriculum with external organizations. We’ve served over 15,000 individuals – nearly 6,000 people in the core program and about 9,500 people in additional programs, like the Empowerment Institute.

None of this would be possible without the generous support from folks like you in our community. Thank you to the volunteers, donors, and partners who have made it possible for us to innovate in our work. 



In 2018 we had some amazing results…

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Job Placements

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1 Year Job Retention

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the increase in total earnings by low-income adults who have been helped by Twin Cities R!SE